Level System

Level System

HeadRush the Salon is committed to the industry of hairdressing. This commitment to nurture and grow new talent is the key to ensuring our stylists have a strong foundation to build on for a successful career. This career path is set up on a level system and each stylist has the ability to make it to the top. As they progress up the level system their knowledge will be utilized to teach associates in training and mentor new talent stylists. The level system ranging from Entry Level to Level 4A reflects each stylists commitment to education as well as demand of their time.

Entry level stylists have completed training as an associate for 6-12 months at HeadRush the Salon to ensure providing consistent quality work.

Level 1 stylists are committed to further education on a consistent basis and display the desire to meet the high expectations set forth by HeadRush the Salon.

Level 2 stylists have utilized their commitment to education and have made a natural progression to furthering their career within the standards of HeadRush the Salon.

Level 3-4A stylists are true masters at their craft. With years of experience and countless hours of advanced education these artists are often educators and mentors within HeadRush the Salon and are revered for their extensive knowledge of hairdressing.

When booking your appointment, please be sure to ask about your service provider's level as prices will vary.